5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Stories in 2018/2019

The US government still seems unfamiliar with crypto adoption with their latest bill introduction. Bakkt, a bitcoin futures and custody platform created by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), will face yet another delay. Blockchain Transparency Institute and Kaspersky have reported market volume manipulation and cryptojacking.

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A New Look for 2019!

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Virtuse Exchange will be launching with the option to invest in commodities! With our Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs), you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies with commodities such as oil, gold, silver, coffee, carbon emissions, or platinum from major global markets.

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We are having a reward program for you in the works! Virtuse Exchange will be having our Fee Dividend Program as part of our official launch. You will have the opportunity for you to earn and be rewarded with VIRT!

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